Upgrade Instrument Benefits

Increased Playability

Many students exceed the performance limits of their base-model instrument by the second year of band or orchestra. Intermediate instruments take students to the next level of performance with increased playability, consistency and tone quality.

Professional Features

Upgrade instruments often include the same features and craftsmanship found in professional models costing thousands of dollars more. Intermediate instruments are typically the best overall value to parents & students.

Upgrade and Exchange Options

If parents are currently renting-to-own a student model instrument from us, they may upgrade with up to 24 months rent credit applied towards the purchase price of an upgrade instrument. Parents also have the flexibility of continuing to make low monthly payments toward the balance.

Maintenance and Replacement Coverage You Can Count On

For a small monthly fee, upgrade instruments are covered against loss, theft, or damage beyond repair. Free loaner instruments are provided (when available) while repairs are performed by our certified service professionals. Because we work through affiliated retailers, students should never go without an instrument.

Cancel at Any Time

This is a month-to-month rental program. There is no minimum term and instrument may be returned at any time with no obligation, whether it's a student model or upgrade instrument.

Big Cash Purchase Discounts

We offer cash discount incentives for those interested in purchasing or paying off any of our quality brand name band & orchestra instruments. We will match or beat anyone's advertised price!